Update your Atma-Sphere to Mk 3.3

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We are always working to improve our equipment. As such, we offer updates to bring your amp up to our most current design specification. The updated amplifier or preamp will meet or exceed the specifications for the Mk. 3.3 products that we build today. The 3.3 revision is audibly lower distortion- they are smoother, more open and transparent.


Update Reactivates Your Warranty

Any product update to the current revision reactivates the warranty, which covers everything on the product except tubes

Updates are Available for Legacy Equipment 

Upgrades and updates with warranty reactivation are available for legacy Atma-Sphere amps (M-50, Novacron) and preamps (MLS-1 and P-2) as well. We fully support all of our legacy products; many of the updates available for legacy units were developed long after the unit was discontinued.

Atma-Sphere MP-1

New Side Panel and Top Cover System for MP-1 and MP-3 preamps

This is a three-piece system that replaces the single piece top cover on older preamps. Once installed the Side Panels are not removed. The top cover is then secured by six screws instead of eighteen! This makes the preamp easier to deal with if you are replacing tubes, it looks better and the heavier side panels provide better chassis damping. 660 for MP-3, 1240 for a set for the MP-1.

Updates from Mk. III and Mk. 3.1 to Mk. 3.3

All prices in USD

Model Price $ Details
MA-2¹9800The MA-2 Mk 3.3 has an improved power supply and power supply enclosure.
with Stock Volume Control
with Caddock Volume Control

Updates from Mk. II to Mk. 3.3

All prices in USD

ModelMinimum cost
Maximum cost Details
M-60 35504560
MA-140757125Includes addition of V-Cap Teflon coupling capacitors.
MA-2¹11,40015,800Includes addition of V-Cap Teflon coupling capacitors.
MP-18980See below for more information on preamp updates.
MP-34800The preamp is rebuilt with a new circuit board.
Novacron see "Mk. I" below

Updates from Mk. I to Mk. 3.3

All prices in USD

Model Update costDetails
M-50 Handwired version6800
M-50 Circuit Board version7100
M-60 Handwired version6800
M-60 Circuit Board version7100
Novacron7500Complete rebuild with copper foil V-Caps
MA-1780012 or 14 tube version; includes V-Cap Telfon caps
MA-2¹14900Includes Caddock resistors and V-Cap Teflon coupling caps
MP-18980See right column for more information on preamp updates.

Prices do not include shipping or cost of repairs due to age, damage or tampering. The updated amplifier will meet the specs (except for power in rare cases) for the Mk. 3.3 amplifiers that we build today. In addition, a new warranty is applied to any and all equipment that we update to the current revision.

¹ Do not send MA-2s to us via UPS. Use a carrier with Fragile Handling service. 

² These updates apply to all Atma-Sphere equipment built before November of 2004 (serial numbers 646 and earlier). Prices are maximums and may be less according to vintage of unit. Amplifiers built during 2004 are considerably less expensive then those built earlier. The first figure is for a late (2003-2004) model and the second is the maximum cost for an early model.

Update Path for MP-1 Preamps to Mk. 3.3

The Mk3.3 level has affected the MP-1 more than our other products, requiring a new circuit board for its execution. The Gain Trim controls got redesigned to improve performance and reduce noise. They now have a much wider range. This allows you to set the gain structure the way you need it (easier to use with digital sources) and is also more transparent. The phono section has significantly more gain and lower noise. The line stage has been improved with reduced distortion and wider bandwidth.

To update the MP-1, the circuit boards in the preamp section are replaced. The volume control is retained from MK3.1 and Mk3.2 models. This results in the Mk3.1 and Mk3.2 being less expensive to update. Older preamps require the power supply be rebuilt as well. 

Our regulator system is also available as an upgrade for the MP-3 or older MP-1s for 800 as a replacement for the 6080 regulator tube. This update should only be considered if for whatever reason an update to Mk. 3.3 is not being done at this time. 

Updates for all Mk. I or Mk. II MP-1s Include:

- Complete rebuild of the power supply and head unit
- Redesigned preamp (phono/line) section boards
- New volume control
- Newly redesigned power supply board
- New power transformers
- New filament regulators
- High voltage regulation - the tightest/lowest noise on the market
- Upgraded umbilical cord


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