Our equipment has a reputation for a lifetime of use before service is needed. We stand behind our older products; our amps from decades ago still sound better than most amps made today.

However, you may find that a minor checkup can breathe new life into an amp you have had for many years, or even one you just bought secondhand. We happily check out equipment bought used on Audiogon, eBay, or any other third party vendor. If there is any doubt as to the legitamacy and condition of the equipment, we can help you assess it's performance and value.

This would also be a good time to think about updating your equipment to the latest revision; this has the added benefit of reinstating the warranty. We also supply replacement parts, new tubes, and shipping containers for our equipment.

Our shop is also equipped to service tube equipment of all sorts. Just call ahead so we can be ready for it.

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Updates Reactivate Your Warranty

Upgrades and updates with warranty reactivation are available for legacy Atma-Sphere amps (M-50, Novacron) and preamps (MLS-1 and P-2) as well. We fully support all of our legacy products; many of the updates available for legacy units were developed long after the unit was discontinued.

Amplificateur à lampes OTL

My amp blew a fuse

The likeliest scenario is that one of your tubes arced and took out the fuse by the power cord. First, turn the amp off and replace the fuse. If you saw the tube arc, remove it and do a visual inspection of the tube. If you didn't see which tube it was, lightly tap the top of each one to to see if the tube will react by arcing. You will need to replace the tube with a fresh one if it continues to arc.

See the following article for help: Visual Inspection of 6AS7G Tubes


The amp makes buzzing sound

If you are running the amp single-ended, make sure there is a jumper betwen pin 1 and pin 3 of the XLR input. If the buzz exists on only one channel, try swapping the interconnect cables to be sure that the buzz is not at the source.


We have seen on-going problems with 6SN7s marked as "Sovtek" and "Electro Harmonics" More recently we have seen similar problems in reissue tubes marked "Tung Sol" and "Mullard". We do not recommend these tubes in our products. While they will not damage our products, neither will they perform optimally or reliably. If you are experiencing a problem and any of these tubes are installed, replace them first before doing anything else.


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